Field Operations Made Agile.

your people, machines and facilities to deliver flawless workflow executions – from start to finish.

Scale your people’s productivity to new heights.

Right action, right result, every time.

We help you run the big picture by taking care of the details.

MIMS is constantly overseeing your operational activity and automating workflow actions to deliver your scheduled work, address your customer requests and respond to incidents reported by people or machines. No delays, no surprises, no mistakes.

With efficiency as its core focus, MIMS is designed to help you keep your business way ahead of the curve.

Just imagine – the right person with the right tools in the right place, every time. And a 30% increase in operational efficiency for a long time to come.

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Purposely built for

Facility Management

Power your maintenance operations with lowered asset downtime, fewer truck rolls, automated SLA tracking and improved customer satisfaction.

Security Management

Improve response time by 60% through automated security incident management.
Gain from smart dispatch, location tracking, integrated surveillance and more.

Field Service Management

Supercharge your technical services through lightning speed response times, accurate task completion and enhanced service quality levels.

Bringing it all together

Take advantage of a truly unique platform that is intelligent, modular and innovative to transform your business into a proactive, efficient and highly profitable operation.