MIMS Workflow Automation

Improve business outcomes
using No-Code workflow automation by MIMS

The MIMS no-code workflow automation tool provides fully configurable processes.

You can set a series of automated actions that guarantee accurate execution of daily processes.

Our workflow tool enables fast set-up of business processes, from automated task creation to seamless distribution of notifications, emails and SMS.

Fully configurable

Automate all your repetitive and time-sensitive processes in advance.

Trigger actions from
IoT devices

Detect & respond
to IoT events.

Put SLA monitoring
on auto-pilot

Automate all your SLA’s and resolve customer requests quickly.

Keep customers
in the loop

Automate when and how your customers receive information.


Easy to set
workflow actions



MIMS workflow automation streamlines your processes,
reducing your time assigning repetitive tasks and 35%
improvement in resource efficiency.

Up to 60% improvement in response
time to trigger & execute SOP’s