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Machine-driven software
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Managing field operations with several moving parts can be extremely complex, so we have worked hard over the years to build a platform that can do the heavy lifting for you.

Designed purposely for businesses like yours, MIMS will help you identify and resolve problems quickly, deliver greater customer satisfaction and improve bottom lines significantly.

Work Management

From automatic creation of work orders to verified completion of jobs, let MIMS take over the management of routine work. With tools to monitor, track and schedule in real-time, keep your team in check with automatic alerts when things steer of course.

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Scheduling and Allocation

Maximize the utilization rate of your most valuable resources: people and assets. MIMS’ ALAN will help you automatically schedule your team and allocate necessary work tools in real time.

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Team Management

With a powerful suite that is easy to control, manage your field team from the moment they sign on. Optimize their schedules, shifts, daily job capacity and accurately capture their time worked, all while ensuring they get the breaks they need. With access to insightful individual KPIs, get a complete picture of your team and their performance – daily, weekly or monthly.

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Secure internal communications shouldn’t come at a premium. Do away with commercial chat applications for your own personalized chat system, powered by voice, media, text, location and document sharing.

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Incident Management

Manage incidents as and when they happen. With the power of visual data capture supported by photo, video and location, get complete situational awareness of any incident.

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Light and built for performance, empower your team with the MIMS App for on-the-go access to tasks, location and other important items. No phones? We’ve got you covered. Meet the cellular MIMS Watch – your team’s handy companion that gets the job done, hands free.

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Asset Management

With real-time equipment monitoring, extend the lifespan of critical assets and boost the profits generated. Manage the entire lifecycle, including maintenance plans, spare part inventories, automatic issuance of inspections and predictive maintenance work orders.

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SLA Management

Seamlessly ensure performance compliance with your contractual commitments in real-time. Delight your customers with consistent on-time service delivery.

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MIMS Optimize

Even though it may seem simple, finding the most suitable team member for a job can be quite challenging. Automate this process entirely with the MIMS Recommendation Engine to nominate the right person every time, based on skillset, proximity and availability.

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Workflow Automation

The MIMS no-code workflow automation tool provides fully configurable processes. You can set a series of automated actions that guarantee accurate execution of daily processes.

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