Security Management

Automate your security incident management and improve response time by 60%.

MIMS comprehensive security management software significantly improves incident response time, automates process and lowers risk while offering other game-changing added benefits such as smart dispatch and workflows.

Key Benefits

Machine automated dispatch of incidents to the nearest responders

Dispatch alarms and missions easily to the nearest field officers, supported by closed loop communication, location, video, pictures and instructions.

Intelligent guard tour system

The sophisticated MIMS Watch eases guard tour duties, supporting route trace back and real-time validation to confirm location visit.

Know the location of your vehicles and team at all times

Automatically track the location of your team and their devices and benefit from accurate reporting of alarms and incidents, from integrated devices or field security officers.

Automated risk assessment

Execute risk assessments more effectively through configurable risk assessment checklists that can be executed comfortably on mobile devices. Autogenerated reports by MIMS provide an overview of the risk landscape reflecting the assessed likelihood and impact of each individual risk.

Integrated surveillance

Benefit from seamless integration with video surveillance and CCTV systems, thus enabling better operational use of these systems for triggering incidents directly to the MIMS portal. You can also dispatch video to field officers to provide a complete and common operating picture, in order to maximize the use of security resources.