Gain from automatic job dispatch, vehicle and personnel tracking and meaningful analysis of your operations

With efficiencies that include maximum fleet and driver utilization, improved turnaround times, elimination of manual errors and reduced paperwork, technology advances are rapidly shaping the future of the logistics industry. Run your logistics operations entirely with MIMS’ power-packed suite of functionalities, while directly boosting bottom lines and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Capacity-based scheduling

Leverage appointment-based scheduling based on the number of jobs to be completed, so the required capacity is always met, thus ensuring guaranteed availability of drivers, vehicle maintenance crews and warehouse staff to handle the jobs for the day or week.

Automatically dispatch jobs and monitor progress

Optimize dispatch with area-based distribution of your team, enabled by the MIMS Recommendation Engine. Monitor the status of issued jobs, track progress, activity and performance in real time for unparalleled workforce productivity.

Track vehicles and personnel anytime, anywhere

Automatically track the location of your vehicles, equipment, staff and drivers through the MIMS GPS. Measure key time efficiencies such as bay to bay, gate to gate, on job, load and unload – whatever insights you may need.

Full visibility of staff activity and performance

Know where your staff are at all times, and easily engage them with jobs in the area, based on the shown GPS location. Benefit effortlessly from quicker job turnarounds and improved customer satisfaction.

Meaningful analysis of your operational needs

Understand your logistics operational challenges from the analysis of captured information, to optimize efficiency, better route planning and resource distribution.