Law Enforcement

Automate processes, improve response time and lower costs. Smart field policing just got smarter.

Boost your law enforcement capabilities with 360-degree connectivity and control from a unified control center platform. Empower your officers to reap the benefits of intelligent, technology-driven policing via the cutting-edge MIMS Watch and open platform mobile app. MIMS’ integrated police platform allows data capture via the MIMS devices, as well as external sources such as safety and security systems, patrol vehicles, CAD and numerous policing applications, thus supplying a steady stream of all-round situational awareness to all those who need it.

Key Benefits

Automatically enforce and manage violations

Handle and process violations electronically from the MIMS command center or right from your mobile device. Ingest violations from external systems and speed enforcement radars or take photos and create violation notices, issue traffic tickets and instantly dispatch to offenders, from the MIMS mobile app. MIMS electronic violation management solutions automate the capture and processing of violations in the blink of an eye.

Real-time reporting of incidents from the field

Enable your officers to report in real-time from the field with the MIMS Watch that supports closed-loop communication, location, photo, video and instructions, alongside the data flowing in from external integrated systems.

Instant response with machine-assisted dispatch

Tend to every incident efficiently and accurately with machine-assisted smart dispatch that grinds through MIMS’ criteria such as proximity, availability and rank of officers, and monitor every incident through to completion. Generate incident reports with complete information from all sources – ensure nothing is overlooked and every incident reported the way it should.

Smart patrolling with complete integration

With facial recognition, speed radar, CCTV, siren, ANPR and violations data all flowing into the MIMS in-vehicle app, consolidate the entire breadth of the smart patrol functionalities for your command-and-control center, be it live or post-incident. Equip them with a fully integrated picture, as well as additional features that allow planning patrols, assigning shifts and generating reports.

Intelligent maintenance of equipment and assets

Faulty equipment could make the difference between life and death, for an officer or a civilian. From IT equipment to special police tools, radios to uniforms, patrol cars to furniture, track equipment distribution and maintain critical assets with predictive or planned preventive maintenance. Ensure your officers and supervisors always know the location, condition and safety of the asset in use.