About Arrow Labs

Founded in 2011, Arrow Labs is an innovative technology company that strives to transform the way businesses manage field resources.

Our systems, built on machine learning, process automation and workforce optimization technology, are designed to elevate the typical workday for the thousands of employees engaging with us.

Through our innovative use of smart technology-backed products and services designed for this purpose, we have disrupted

traditional business models with solutions to manage effectively, automate processes and increase revenue on a whole new level. As a result, thriving industries such as facility management, hospitality, logistics, security and transport have seen radical change on many fronts, while experiencing unprecedented benefits such as improved efficiencies, productivity and operating costs.

We pride ourselves in instilling a culture of innovation, collaboration, simplicity, and integrity in everything we do, achieved by our pioneering and forward-thinking approach to managing field workforce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide companies pioneering and reliable workforce management solutions that impact their people and operations in a meaningful way.

By living by our core values of innovation and continuous advancement, our products and services not only improve the lives of employees and employers alike, but also their company’s bottom line – significantly.

In the process of achieving our mission, we have enabled desk-less workers to contribute deeply to the digital footprint, thus making them an instrumental part of today’s tech-driven playing field.

Our Vision

We envision a world where employees can connect, collaborate and perform at their highest potential, with minimal intervention to their workday.

We strive to position ourselves as the world’s ultimate field service company that continues to pave the way for revolutionary workforce advancement, while continuing to grow a purposeful business.

Our Story

It all started with a simple question. Is there a way to improve the workday of field employees with technology?

While our founder Rami Darwish knew that it was possible, and to some extent, the knowhow to that question, he didn’t stop there.

The burgeoning business ecosystem in Dubai was the perfect playground to test out, and in some ways, challenge his ambitious idea.

What kind of impact do fulfilled employees have in improving their company’s bottom lines? How else can we apply our technology to better companies and their process? Who else can benefit from our technology? With the answers to these questions presenting limitless global potential, our company was born.

Our Partners