Ensure excellence in management of public resources to deliver high quality city services

Seamlessly deliver critical services to citizens by powering the management of your city’s complex services with advanced machine learning and automation software. From city infrastructure maintenance, code enforcement and waste management to emergency response, transform your city into a smart hub connecting its municipal workers, infrastructure and workflow on one unified platform. No more unattended complaints or issues - only well-served citizens.

Key Benefits

Lighting fast response to citizen-reported complaints

Benefit from incident reporting via the MIMS watch and mobile, supplemented with intelligent machine-assisted location-based dispatch of the nearest responders. Gain clear visibility into incidents and resolution status with real-time dashboards and reporting.

Accurate code-enforcement management

Seamlessly manage code-enforced inspections, powered by the MIMS Watch – a wearable that supports customizable checklists, image and video upload, live recordings and so much more.

Connected city asset management

Monitor and track equipment, HSE assets and other connected devices on an interactive map, and automatically trigger workflows for installation, repair and retirement of any asset. Leverage the suite of MIMS smart sensors for round-the-clock connectedness and uninterrupted action.

Automated scheduling and allocation of city services

Optimize the scheduling of critical city services, such as waste collection, road repairs and park management, while ensuring your resources’ time is spent effectively on serving citizens. Perform risk assessments through configurable risk assessment checklists that can be executed comfortably on mobile devices.

Closed loop communication with media sharing

Gain from a secure internal closed-loop communications system that facilitates the exchange of text and voice messages, photos, videos and location information or documents with your teams.

Higher situational awareness during emergencies

With the mobility offered by MIMS, easily capture photo, video and location details while incident reporting. Empower your control room with full situational awareness, so the incident is handled effectively and efficiently, all the way to its resolution.