MIMS is designed to be maximally flexible.

With a modular approach, choose as few or as many modules as needed, and seamlessly adapt your module arsenal to the needs of your business.

Document Hub

Disperse and manage corporate and operations-related documents across the organization through the Document Hub. This module provides upload of documents to a central repository and organizes the documents into categories that are easily searchable on mobile devices, while providing you privacy and full control over your valuable data.


Report and handle incidents as and when they happen.The Incident module allows the capture of photo, video and location details, for incident reporting in real-time to the person-in-charge or control room.

As a result, empowered with full situational awareness, the recipient is able to handle the incident effectively and efficiently, all the way to its resolution.

Lost & Found

Supercharge the entire lost and found process at your operations with MIMS. The module covers the process from locating (the item), logging, generating reference number / barcode, storing, handing over to the owner, and if unclaimed, authorities or charities. Leave the cumbersome tasks to MIMS’ automated processes and advanced management functions.


Manage day-to-day operations from easy to-do lists to complex projects involving groups of select people across the organizational hierarchy, in additional to their tasks and completion criteria.

Mandatory checklist options such as scanning a barcode or taking a photo, automated skill-based assignee allocation and intricate scheduling options are just a few highlights of what MIMS Tasks has to offer.


Keep track of your team’s activity while you and your team are on the move. Get rid of paper-based logs and reduce blind spots of your team members is doing what even from your mobile.


Push messages and emails to MIMS-enabled devices, allowing broadcasting of messages between you and your teams. Alert your team of any important information such as alerts, chat messages or instructions, especially valuable in emergency situations and PA announcements.


Request the closest available asset from MIMS, either for immediate use or reserve it for a set period to use at a later time. With intelligent allocation, maximize the utilization of your critical equipment and tools always.

Risk Assessment

Conduct risk assessments by recording the likelihood and potential impact of risks through checklists, supported by photo and video. Leverage MIMS’ autogenerated reporting for an overview of the risk landscape that reflects the assessed rating of each individual risk.


Communicate with your team effectively through text and voice messages from MIMS Portal, MIMS Mobile or MIMS Watch supported by photos, video, documents and location details. Keep an auditable trail of instructions and reports, as well as acknowledgements in the form of read receipts.


Schedule and manage the attendance of your entire workforce. With slick tools to assign shifts daily, weekly or monthly, monitor attendance and automatically calculate the working hours of employees, so you can focus on the more important matters at hand.

Employees are able to self-check-in and check-out at their assigned location, allowing for further efficiency.


Track MIMS-enabled devices, vehicles and events, and take advantage of location information for better operational decisions. With Google Maps as our map of choice, use Google search, toggle between satellite and street maps view and learn about the scene with Google Street View.

In addition, define an area using Google’s Geofence tool to benefit from automated actions when MIMS devices enter a set zone.


Enable your clients to create and manage service requests supported by video, images, location and contact details, with MIMS providing the next available slot and automatically assigning tasks (with checklists if necessary) to those responsible.


Automatically and immediately dispatch your team of incident responders based on criteria such as the nearest vehicle to incident, available group, specialized units and so on.

With instant access to detailed instructions, captured media and the option to connect directly to video sources for real-time viewing, responders are equipped with full situational awareness even before they arrive on site.


Issue traffic tickets seamlessly, as and when incidents and violations happen, and manage the dispatch of fines effectively.


Manage contracts and deliverables against service KPIs, with advanced features such as SLA compliance and automated consumption tracking. Enable consistent monitoring of service level adherence and alerts on contract expiry or service consumption.


Manage the entire life cycle of valuable assets, including spare part inventories.

Work orders can be automatically dispatched based on scheduled plans or critical sensor data, thus ensuring high asset availability.