MIMS Devices

From simple buttons communicating over WiFi to GPS trackers that monitor speed and temperature wirelessly, gain from meaningful data and insights for a better understanding of the asset it is attached to.

MIMS has the ability to integrate with a large number of IoT sensors and devices with just one click.

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Sensors (IoT Network)

Why do a truck roll when you don’t have to?

Our partnership with the leading IoT network technology providers enables our customers to benefit from a variety of process automations based on sensor data. Be it a specified temperature, motion or door sensor, MIMS is ready to turn data into necessary action.

Check out the full range of wireless sensor available.

Trackers (GPS)

Keep track of your vehicles beyond just location data, even without a connection to the vehicle’s OBD port. MIMS’ trackers connect over the 3G/4G network, and provide valuable information as you need, when you need.

Wireless Buttons (Wi-Fi)

Get things done with just the press of a button MIMS’ Wireless Buttons are battery powered, connect to WiFi, and designed to automatically initiate the configured action when the button is pressed. This can range from a maintenance requests sent to a technician or an emergency alert sent to the control room, and anything in between.

Location Beacons (BLE)

Enable MIMS to locate connected devices where GPS signals are not available. By leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, MIMS Location Beacons are placed at strategic locations so devices’ locations can be automatically updated while accessing the beacon’s transmission range.