Streamline port operations with asset management and resource tracking, while automating tasks and incidents

MIMS’ feature-rich solution enables port authorities and maritime operators to seamlessly manage operations with ease. Raise the bar on security and safety operations with guard post electronic activity logging, location-enabled officer tracking and lightning speed incident management. Automate asset maintenance with machine-driven preventative maintenance and advanced remote monitoring solutions to drastically lower operational costs. Manage your team with intuitive scheduling, attendance and time tracking. Truly take your port operations to the next level.

Key Benefits

Issue tasks and monitor progress on the go

Easily manage your expansive geographic footprint with automatic creation and dispatch of tasks based on real-time events, roles, groups or locations – monitor the status and progress of issued tasks and get notified upon completion.

Location-enabled tracking and retracing

Allow automatic tracking of the field team utilizing MIMS’ enabled devices, in addition to location traceback of incidents and tasks that occur within the port, supported with time stamps. With geofencing capabilities, gain from configurable alerts on zone entry and exit of team members.

Comprehensive incident management

Send and receive incidents from the field, supported by closed-loop communication, location, videos, photos and instructions. Dispatch help to the right location and resolve incidents within the port, efficiently and accurately, at the touch of a button.

Effortless asset maintenance

With MIMS’ intuitive asset management that includes lifecycle management and spare parts stock availability, quickly and easily create asset maintenance plans, generate barcodes, log stock of spare parts, issue planned preventative maintenance, as well as service visits. Take advantage of powerful remote monitoring solutions to reduce the downtime and avoid hazardous damage.

Generate duty rosters and monitor attendance with ease

With the ability to extensively manage shifts, duties and attendance of workforce, create daily, weekly or monthly rosters, while managing attendance, leaves and overtime. Gain from insights into activity tracking and resource utilization so you can analyze efficiencies automatically and fine-tune where necessary.