Gain real-time insights into your hotel operation. Improve customer satisfaction like never before.

MIMS is the only software for hospitality that increases staff productivity by 30% and business efficiency by 35%.

Key Benefits

Seamless airport pick up and drop off

Easily schedule pick-ups, as the MIMS’ recommendation engine assigns the most suitable driver for the job. Automatically track the driver’s location and status in real-time so your guest doesn’t have to!

Luggage management

Manage luggage services from pick-up to security screening and temporary storage to drop-off. Assign luggage handling tasks and track progress in real time, even while on the move.

Automated housekeeping

Enable your housekeeping teams to receive alerts of incidents in the room, guest requests and checkouts, so your guests can enjoy a hassle-free stay. Happy guests, five star reviews for your business.

Complete surveillance monitoring and incident management

The safety of your guests is paramount – connect and monitor surveillance cameras, manage property patrolling, life safety system inspections, while benefiting from full suite incident management capabilities.

Smooth management of lost and found items

Simplify the cumbersome process from finding, logging and storing an item all the way to returning it to the owner through automated processes and advanced management functions.