MIMS Optimize

Resource Planning and Allocation made simple.

MIMS Optimize is a set of tools within the MIMS platform that enables businesses to run productive operations with ease and simplicity. Utilizing ALAN ‘Advanced Logic Automation Network by MIMS’, these tools allow managing the entire life cycle of workflow management from booking to task execution.

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MIMS Optimize enables automation in:

Capacity Planning

ALAN’s effective planning tool helps businesses lower operational costs and meet and exceed service level agreements.

ALAN provides precise requirements in seconds by calculating the average duration of the job and the anticipated travel time. meet and exceed service level commitments.

Duty Allocation

Consistency in shift schedules is critical for maintaining a balanced workload and employee engagement.

ALAN’s automated shift allocation tool provides the most optimum shift schedule in seconds, ensuring that all related parameters, such as the number of days off and minimum rest time, are considered.

Work Order Allocation

Advanced work order allocation automatically converts all incoming job requests into work orders.

Considering the individual workload and skillset of available staff, ALAN allocates the optimal person to each job every time.

Slot Allocation

ALAN’ slot allocation tool allows stress-free booking management, decreases missed appointments and keeps your customers happy.

Based on the real-time availability of resources, clients can request services from anywhere. Our easy-to-use API’s can even extend the availability slots to 3rd party apps or systems.

Route Optimization

ALAN’s route optimization organizes each employee’s day and delivers the optimum routes to ensure that each job is reached on time and reduce late arrivals.

Route optimization allows for the maximum number of jobs to be allocated per day, with each employee having complete visibility on the schedule.