Keep information flowing, securely

Searching for critical information in random places and communicating on multiple apps is guaranteed to lead to inefficiencies. With MIMS, keep your teams collaborating, chatting and accessing information on a single unified platform.

Chat with ease

Gain from a secure internal closed loop communications system when sharing text and voice messages, photos, videos and location information or documents with your teams.

Enjoy the added perks of emoticons, user status change, encrypted communication and most importantly, conversation records!

Notifications en masse

Mass notify your team or responders of critical information, when and where it most matters.

Make sure no one gets left behind via read receipts from team members – a feature that makes a whole lot of difference in any emergency.

Collaboration to the nth degree

With chat and notifications working within and across groups, ensure team members are always in sync, no detail is ever miscommunicated and no ball is ever dropped.

Unleash the ultimate power of team communication and collaboration from the palm of your hands.