Facility Management

Power your maintenance operations, cut costs and grow your client base.

MIMS is the only software for facility management that offers smart dispatch, workflow progress updates and monitoring, automated scheduling, location-based functionalities and ultimately, substantial bottom-line cost savings.

Key Benefits

Cut down unplanned asset downtime

With MIMS’ instant asset reporting and task assignment, your clients’ assets will be up and running in no time. With detailed checklists, manual access and chat functionality, ensure no time is wasted while your team is on the task!

Minimal truck rolls, reduced costs

With MIMS’ semi-automatic data collection from your clients’ assets, your team will have full awareness of asset conditions while remote, and can schedule visits only when needed.

Gain from the suite of location-based info

MIMS automatically tracks the location of your team and provides location traceback for incidents or tasks that occur, supported by timestamps. Benefit from complete visibility so your clients are served on time and at the highest quality!

Automate tracking client SLAs and contract consumption

MIMS constantly tracks your service performance against committed SLAs, alerting you whenever there is a drop in service. With real-time operational visibility, easily adjust and prioritize dispatching your team to where necessary.

Manage, monitor and measure your team remotely

Automate task creation and issuance based on roles, work groups and specific locations. Create work calendar schedules, monitor the status of issued tasks, track progress and receive notifications on completion. MIMS also provides advanced analytics that grant insight into resource utilization and individual KPIs.

Sensor-based maintenance for maximal asset and team efficiency

With sensors, detect the smallest inputs like vibrations, temperature, heat and light – all while you and your team are engaged in other tasks.