Asset Management

Machines don’t have to break

Old approaches simply don’t cut it. Extend asset lifespan with real-time asset monitoring. Cut down unnecessary truck rolls and drive down costs significantly.

Boost the health and productivity of your assets

  • Based on the feedback from field data, automatically trigger workflows for installation, repair and retirement for any asset.
  • Access the performance breakdown of each asset so you can identify inefficiencies and take action to boost output.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive record of all assets, eliminating overall operational delays and missed revenue due to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Dispatch your technicians only when they’re needed

  • With the power of MIMS IoT devices, capture, analyze and gain with real time data streaming from your assets.
  • Customize triggers so you can monitor the criteria and parameters most important to you.
  • In case an issue is identified in the asset, MIMS will automatically dispatch the most suitable technician based on skills, proximity, and availability.

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